UCMAS is taught in English at 4 locations in Cyprus as seen here with the English flag to the right of the institute name. At all the other UCMAS centers in Cyprus, UCMAS is taught only in Greek.

If you are a parent with an English speaking child call us at 22 357 006 and we will notify you as soon as the first English speaking UCMAS center is available at your area.

If you are a private institute or school and would like to offer UCMAS in English, call us at 22 357 006 to arrange a meeting.

See the videos and you will be amazed with what UCMAS can do for your children.
Read the PDF presentation here for information about UCMAS, how it works, the benefits, etc.
See a small sample of the books by clicking on the various levels below:

UCMAS 1: Foundation (only for Primary School Grade 1)
UCMAS 2: Basic, Elementary A (Primary School Grades 2 up to 6 start from level UCMAS 2)
UCMAS 3: Elementary B, Intermediate A
UCMAS 4: Intermediate B, Higher A
UCMAS 5: Higher B, Advanced
UCMAS 6: Grand A, Grand B